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Searching for a space to amplify your cause online? A .org domain may be just the place. Launched in 1985 as something of a catch-all for organizations that didn’t fit anywhere else, .org has stood proudly as one of the most recognized and trusted top-level domains (TLDs) ever since.

The extension serves as a beacon, shining a light on social causes, charitable initiatives, and humanitarian endeavors. Even small groups and individuals harness the power of .org to bring people together or rally support for what they hold dear. It’s a global favorite with over 10 million registered domain names.

Choosing .org can be a strategic move to build credibility with your audience since the domain is associated with doing good and serving the public interest. And surprisingly, there’s no strict requirement limiting registration to specific purposes, making the TLD a versatile choice as well.

So, if you’re thinking about registering a .org domain, ask yourself who or what it serves and how it can empower your cause. It’s not just about making money — it’s about making an impact. A .org domain may be your online ally in giving your cause a boost.

Expand your reach with .org

Who uses .org domains and why?

Organizations, individuals, and businesses have used .org domains for nearly four decades to establish themselves online and reach their communities. A .org web address can help build the online presence of non-commercial entities, but it’s not suggested for commercial use. Whatever your unique purpose, the extension can help you reach your audience worldwide and elevate your cause.

.ORG Users

Nonprofits, charities, community groups, religious organizations, educational institutions, NGOs &more...

.ORG Benefits

Credibility, trustworthiness, memorability, community awareness, improved fundraising

.ORG Alternatives

.net, .info, .gov, .edu, .charity, .community

How to get a .org domain

  • Choose an ICANN-accredited domain registrar.

    ICANN-accreditation means that the registrar adheres to strict operational standards, offers reliable and secure domain registration services, and is authorized to manage your domain name registrations. With DomainRegistry, you get the peace of mind of working with a registrar that has maintained ICANN accreditation since 1996.

  • Search for your domain.

    Use your registrar’s domain name search tool to check if your desired domain name is available. If so, great! You can continue the registration process. If not, try variations on your domain name, or consider another TLD (like .net).

  • Provide accurate registrant information.

    This usually includes your name, address, and contact details which help to verify and authorize your domain ownership. Domain privacy (WHOIS privacy) is a service offered by some domain registrars to keep your personal contract info private. Here at Domain Registry, we include free WHOIS privacy with every domain registration.

  • Secure your domain!

    To complete the registration process, you’ll select the registration duration period (typically 1 to 10 years), choose any additional services, and submit your payment. Your total cost will vary by registrar, TLD, registration period, and any extras (like web hosting). Opt for auto-renewal to keep thing simple and ensure your domain stays with you for as long as needed.

Want to get a better understanding of top-level domains (and how to choose the right one)? We’ve got you covered with our Guide to TLDs.

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