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It’s often said that .com is the “king of domains,” and it’s tough to dispute that. Businesses, organizations, and individuals have used the popular extension since it first hit the web in 1985, and for good reason. A .com top-level domain (TLD) adds an air of professionalism and longevity to any website address, making it ideal for anyone looking to establish a legitimate online presence.

While .com was initially meant to be a TLD exclusively for commercial entities, “the commercial TLD” has broadened significantly. Nowadays, anyone can register a .com domain name regardless of their purpose or intent. In fact, .com domains are used for more than half of all registered domains worldwide — far more than any other TLD out there! Also, the vast majority of websites with active traffic use a .com domain, so it’s no surprise that .com is the top choice for many looking to make their mark on the internet.

Not only are .com domains versatile and widely recognized, they’re also relatively inexpensive compared to some specialty or premium TLDs. Availability is likely to be your biggest challenge to registering the exact .com domain name you want, but the key is getting a domain that serves your unique purpose, regardless of the extension.

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Who uses .com domains and why?

For over 35 years, website owners from all walks of life have embraced .com as an accessible option to represent their brand or presence online. Today the “king of domains” still offers a sense of familiarity and credibility that other TLDs may not carry. It’s also the go-to domain in terms of memorability. By default, we generally type “.com” at the end of web address if we don’t remember the exact domain. For these reasons, “dot-com” still reigns supreme as the top domain choice for millions.

.COM Users

Businesses of all sizes, E-commerce websites, startups, personal blogs, freelancers & more....

.COM Benefits

Familiarity, global reach, trustworthiness, professionalism, memorability, accessibility

.COM Alternatives

.net, .org, .info, ccTLDs (like .us or .me), gTLDs (like .shop or .xyz)

How to get a .com domain

  • Choose an ICANN-accredited domain registrar.

    ICANN-accreditation means that the registrar adheres to strict operational standards, offers reliable and secure domain registration services, and is authorized to manage your domain name registrations. With DomainRegistry, you get the peace of mind of working with a registrar that has maintained ICANN accreditation since 1996.

  • Search for your domain.

    Use your registrar’s domain name search tool to check if your desired domain name is available. If so, great! You can continue the registration process. If not, try variations on your domain name, or consider another TLD (like .net).

  • Provide accurate registrant information.

    This usually includes your name, address, and contact details which help to verify and authorize your domain ownership. Domain privacy (WHOIS privacy) is a service offered by some domain registrars to keep your personal contract info private. Here at Domain Registry, we include free WHOIS privacy with every domain registration.

  • Secure your domain!

    To complete the registration process, you’ll select the registration duration period (typically 1 to 10 years), choose any additional services, and submit your payment. Your total cost will vary by registrar, TLD, registration period, and any extras (like web hosting). Opt for auto-renewal to keep thing simple and ensure your domain stays with you for as long as needed.

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