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 Domain Name for 1 year
.com $30
.net $30
.org $30
.info $30
 Domain Name for 2 years
.com $60
.net $60
.org $60
.info $60
 Domain Name for 3 years
.com $66
.net $66
.org $66
.info $66
 Domain Name for 4 years
.com $88
.net $88
.org $88
.info $88
 Domain Name for 5 years
.com $95
.net $95
.org $95
.info $95
 Domain Name for 6 years
.com $114
.net $114
.org $114
.info $114
 Domain Name for 7 years
.com $119
.net $119
.org $119
.info $119
 Domain Name for 8 years
.com $136
.net $136
.org $136
.info $136
 Domain Name for 9 years
.com $144
.net $144
.org $144
.info $144
 Domain Name for 10 years
.com $180
.net $180
.org $180
.info $180
Domain Forwarding: Free [1]
Email Forwarding: Not offered. Only IMAP or POP as a paid service [1]
Web Forwarding: Free [1]
Contact info changes: Free
Dns/Nameserver Changes (done by customer): Free
Dns/Nameserver Changes (specified time by DR): $25.00
Dns TTL change and DNS coordination: $25
Dns Records Setup: $15 to $25
Dns Records Gmail Setup: $15 to $25
Dns Hosting: $4 to $12 per month (spf; txt; cname; MX; etc.)
Dns Emergency After hours changes:$85
Dns Emergency changes:$45
Website Hosting: Ask for pricing
Email Service; Pop or Imap: Ask for pricing
Configure Gmail for your email address: $25.00 (you can do this yourself as well)
Managed DNS: Variable; Ask for details
SEO 301 Redirects: Ask for pricing.
PO - Purchase Order (Government or F1000 Company): $0 (free) to $35.00 (ask)
Redemption Fee: $100 plus above pricing.
Hold Fee (restore off hold): $45.00 plus above renewal pricing.
Grab Expired Name (when available): generally $100 to $200 per name (please ask).
Emergency Contact (Refundable Deposit) Fee : $100
Emergency or Out of Band Support : $225 per hour, $35 min charge
Transfer Out Registrar Fee: $10 1st domain, $4 each additional domain request made at the same time.
Ownership Change Fee (Domestic): Variable, from $25 to $200/domain plus atty fees (if app.)
Ownership Change Fee:(Foreign) Variable, from $75 to $275/domain plus atty fees (if app.)
Ownership Change Fee (Client atty involved): $75 per domain.
Domain Escrow (sale): $125 (if wire or check)
Cancel Domain Order: $10 per domain per year, when allowed only in 1st 4 days.
Stop Payment or NSF (check return): $45
Stop Payment on credit card charge (card processor dispute): $50
Account Reinstatement Fee: $35
Domain Expert Consult, Opinion or Advice (when available): $125 - max of 15 minutes

All pricing subject to change without notice. Any questions on the above pricing please ask first.

Note: We are confident in our domain registration pricing and hope that you see that our total cost and ownership experience works out better. We've been doing this since 1996 and Inc. was in the original group of post test bed registrars approved by ICANN. Additionally, and this is important, we don't try to sell you things that you don't need and domain name products that you don't understand in order to make up for lost revenue on domain registration.

The truth about some of the low price companies selling domains:

a) They charge a low initial fee (sometimes even free) but raise the price the very next year. Or they charge nothing and sell you something else that you don't need for an additional charge.
b) Some aren't ICANN accredited - we were ICANN accredited in the original approval batch
c) Some are only resellers for an ICANN accredited registrar.
d) They sell below cost and then make up the difference by getting you to buy things that have no value and that you don't need because you don't understand what you are buying
e) They have the domain ownership in their company name not yours
f) They push website hosting and email hosting right from the start even though most customers don't use this right away.
g) They store your credit card and "auto charge" you for renewals putting the burden on you to cancel.
h) They have multiple layers of customer service support where the first person you write to has often only a month's experience.
i) They push worthless tld's or cctld's (like .me .us .co etc or the new tld's) which have absolutely nominal use to the majority of end users.
j) Their web forms are hard coded to make you register for more years than you intended to do and make you uncheck and change choices from their default settings.

Lastly, please note how our pricing can easily be found from a link on our home page. Almost all of our competitors hide and obscure the true pricing and some even don't give you the price until you've entered your credit card information and have already placed your order.

[1] - Please note that in order to take advantage of free web forwarding you can't point your domain by DNS to outside nameservers. Additionally free email forwarding is no longer offered. Only paid IMAP or Pop is available. Excessive web forwarding will require hosted service which is an additional charge. Web forwarding is provided solely on a "best effort" basis with no service level guarantee of deliverability. Also note that Web forwarding is 302 redirect, not 301 redirect