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Where is your Faq located?
You can find our FAQ - here.

How do I get website hosting and/or email service for my domain?
In addition to free web forwarding we also offer full website and email hosting (pop and imap). You can see the reasonable pricing on our hosting page. To get started, simply send an email to the address on that page. Most important, our hosting comes with a personal contact who is able to clear up any minor issues you might have with getting started or the initial uploading of your site (may involve a nominal additional charge depending on the complexity).

What's the difference between web/email forwarding and web/email hosting?
Web Forwarding is a free service that you get when you register a domain name that is provided on a "best effort" basis without any service guarantee. What we do is simply redirect any activity ( someone trying to access your website ) to another location that you provide (typically an existing site you have somewhere already such as a free website). For web forwarding, a typical application would be to redirect your domain name to, say, google apps,,,,,,,, or similar. Additionally, as mentioned, since a domain can be redirected anywhere, if you want to have your domain forward to your page, your page, your page that also can be done. Web or email hosting on the other hand is when the email or website sits on our or similar server. So we (or someone else) are hosting your files. Either the email that you receive or the website that you or your designer created so that when someone types in your web address they are directed to your website which we "host" (as opposed to redirecting them to a location where someone else "hosts" the website). Please note that web forward service is provided on a "best effort" basis and can and will be stopped in the event of what we solely determine is excess activity and usage. Note that email forwarding is no longer available unfortunately.

Can I register domains with you and have them forward to a site which is hosted elsewhere?
Absolutely. One of the uses of domain names is to create aliases for your site either with descriptive words or with typos of your domain.

Can a domain be redirected to a particular page on my existing website or does it have to go to the home page?
We can direct a domain name to any page on your website. This way you can have a domain for a specific product or service redirect to a page on your site talking specifically about that product or service. This generally helps with SEO as well depending on the descriptiveness of the domains you decide to register (feel free to ask us for suggestions in this area.)

What's the difference between cloaked and uncloaked web forwarding?
In cloaked forwarding the domain that you register shows up in the browser bar but the content that is displayed is the content on the page that you are being redirected to. In "uncloaked" forwarding the address of the forwarded site displays in the browser bar. (You can easily switch back and forth between these two choices although it might take several hours for the change to take effect and you might have to additionally clear out your browser cache in some cases).

How do I set up email forwards?
Email forwarding is no longer available although existing customers can use it with no service guarantee until it is removed from the web interface.

How do I set up web/domain forwarding?
After you are logged into your account choose "domain forward" under the "domain" menu. Click on the name that you want to create the forward for. Enter the target URL (web addresses where you want your domain to redirect to). This can either be the home page of your site or a page within your site. Choose "cloaked" (where your domain appears in the browser bar) or "uncloaked" where the place you are forwarding to appears in the browser bar (this can be changed at any time so you can test both ways if you want). Forwards usually take between 4 to 8 hours to become active.

How long does it take for dns changes to work?
Unfortunately there is not an exact answer to that question because of several factors including dns propagation, the type of dns changes, and whether we are hosting the dns and making the changes or we are simply pointing to dns servers that your provide. In general changes take from 2 to 6 hours. If you are supplying us with someone else's dns servers (primary and secondary) remember that those servers need to be programmed correctly for your domain for things to operate properly (this is overlooked quite frequently).

How long does it take for web forwarding to start working?
From the time that you make the change with us web forwarding should work generally within 4 hours from time you make the change. It's important that the dns is set to our dns servers for the change to take place. If you've never changed dns (from our servers) then the dns is already set correctly. If the dns is set to a different dns service please send us an email and we will give you the info that you need (or make the change for you) to get everything working correctly.

I need dns changes made at a specific time.
This can be arranged although generally there is an extra charge to do this because of the coordination involved.

How do I obtain an "auth" or "epp" code?
Please email us at the help address on our contact page. Please note that requests for the code must come from the domain name registrant or authorized employee at the registrant they can't be requested or issued to third parties.

How can I get dns records such as A, Cname, MX etc?
While dns records (primary and secondary dns) can be easily done by logging into your account and choosing "modify nameservers" under the "domain menu", specific dns records that need to be setup are completed by emailing a request to the appropriate help email address on our contact page

I forgot the password to my account.
You can recover your password a few ways. Easiest is to simply use the password reset page. Make sure you only put in the domain name and the email address that you used when you signed up (but not both). If that doesn't work most likely you have either put in to much information, or have the wrong email address on the account. If you have any problems please send an email to the help address on our contact page.

The contact info on my account has changed (either postal, email, telephone etc.) and I don't have any way to login to my account.
Please send an email to the address on our contact page giving as much detail as possible (the domain, who you are if not the registrant etc.) and we will tell you what we need to know to give you authorization to access your account or change information.