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There are no additional fees, no hidden charges for domain registration. Refer to our pricing page for more details. is an ICANN accredited registrar. We have been registering domain names since 1996! That's before 99% of the other domain registrars were even in the domain name business.

While it may be tempting to register your domain with a lower priced registrar (or a reseller for a registrar), in the end you will probably end up paying more. Why? Because other registrars will sell you things that you don't need to make up for the revenue loss of selling domain names below cost. And, while the items that they sometimes include at no cost may seem like a bargain, (such as free hosting) in the end unless you are able to monitor your site 24x7 you will end up with a service that is unreliable and not of the commercial quality that you need to have an effective presence on the web. Inc. has been mentioned in dozens of newspapers, magazines, and online articles, including: The New York Times, Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News, MSNBC, Reuters, Hong Kong Economic Times, and many others.

We have satisfied customers all over the US, and in well over 160 foreign countries.

Most importantly, as mentioned, unlike many of the discount registrars out there (or resellers for registrars), we don't make money by selling you products and services of limited value to make up for "loss leader" registration fees.

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