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now offers email and/or website hosting.
To order website or email hosting, please send an email to: and we will give you pricing and details on how to order and available options.


Hosting-(a)6 mos. = $48 total$8 per month
Hosting-(b)6 mos. = $72 total$12 per month
Hosting-(c)6 mos. = $96 total$16 per month
Hosting-(d)6 mos. = $108 total$18 per month
Hosting-(e)6 mos. = $144 total$24 per month
Email-(a)6 mos. = $48 total$8 per month
Email-(b)6 mos. = $72 total$12 per month
Email-(c)6 mos. = $96 total$16 per month
Email-(d)6 mos. = $108 total$18 per month
Email-(e)6 mos. = $144 total$24 per month
Hosting and Email-(a)6 mos. = $72 total$12 per month
Hosting and Email-(b)6 mos. = $96 total$16 per month
Hosting and Email-(c)6 mos. = $108 total$18 per month
Hosting and Email-(d)6 mos. = $144 total$24 per month
Hosting and Email-(e)6 mos. = $180 total$30 per month
"a" through "e" relate to service levels and do not include SMTP service or dedicated IP address, ask for details.